Wednesday, January 18, 2006

“Paul Palm” Comes Through

Ever since NECC in Philadelphia, I had been contacting various Palm representatives who told me to “contact them” while trying to locate neck holders for my students so they could actually be mobile with their handhelds. Up to this point, the handhelds were always placed in the charging station for safekeeping when we were working on assignments that didn’t involve the T5s. I sent numerous emails to representatives who gave me their cards only to receive email replies informing me that the emails were “NOT READ.” I admit to getting quite upset with the service I was receiving. Here I am with a class set of Palm OS handhelds and my basic emails, which these representatives told me to send them, weren’t even being read by them. I vented to my tech team and they understood my disappointment, along with my ranting and raving.

To our amazement, a man named Paul Musegades contacted us. He was very friendly, courteous, and amazing to work with. Paul got on the job and sent us a class set of Palm neck holders so my students could carry their T5s throughout the day. This enabled them to have them ready to use whenever they were ready to work on them. They became quite responsible about keeping their keyboards folded up on their desks. They also look adorable with their neck holders hanging around their necks and under one arm. We determined that this was the least restrictive way for them to wear the holders.

To make it more official, I designed student identification cards that mimicked my teacher identification badge for the county. The students LOVE their holders.

A week later, Paul sent up some pens. Now each student has his/her own pen sitting in a slot on the back of their holder. It’s always handy for them.

THANK YOU PAUL-PALM! That’s our nickname for him at our school. It just sounds right!


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